Mint Eventz’s vision is of organizing exhibition is: We are in the business where you do the business!
The World of exhibitions has changed altogether! Gone are the days, when Companies just exhibited their products and services, selling took a back seat. Nowadays, there are a lot of commercial transactions involved in them.
From Airplanes to driverless cars, recent trends in IT, new home décor trends, or personal care exhibitions are the perfect place to showcase and introduce the new products. In large number, people throng at such events and take a peek at the new things about to come.

Needless to say, therefore, whether it’s updating the customers or entering into transactions with them, exhibitions are just the right events to be at Large and small corporate, firms and individuals attach quite a bit of importance to them and so we do. From Technology to Real Estate, from Food to Telecom, from Handicrafts to Consumer products, Mint Eventz works closely with brands to deliver world-class exhibitions across geographies and concepts.
We do cherry-picking while selecting the venue so that it gives the maximum value for the participant companies. We assist the participant companies with various details like finalizing the stalls or even the look and feel of the stall.
Our expert team is hands-on with day to day running of such events and we are 24*7 available to the companies that are present. We endeavour to let the participant companies focus on managing the show at their stalls and let everything to us.