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Types Of Events

Discover the Wide Range of Event Types We Expertly Curate, Letting Your Imagination Soar


Corporate Events

We know what it takes to do an exceptional corporate event as we have spent quite a lifetime in Corporate. We know that there is a lot at stake in corporate events, whether small or organized on a large scale, as they have to be perfect in every manner and department.

We know how crucial the event is when your company is going to finalize its Annual Operating plans, organizing brand & product launches, Awards & Recognition Nights, off-sites and Team-building Workshops.



The World of exhibitions has changed altogether! Gone are the days, when Companies just exhibited their products and services, and selling took a back seat. Nowadays, there are a lot of commercial transactions too.


Personal & Social Events

Every celebration is like a picture on the canvas of time. The colours of happiness are fast. Mint Eventz Company transcends wedding celebrations to new levels.

Marriages are global phenomena. Weddings, ‘Vivaah’, ‘Nikah’, ‘Shadi’, ‘Anand Karaj’ or LavaanPhere’ are mostly family functions, family get-together& a fantastic way of displaying the culture. Nowadays, destination weddings are in. Mint Eventz Company specializes in theme weddings & offer End-2-End wedding solutions to make your life event truly memorable. Mint Eventz Company integrates Indian traditions with modern flavours.