During a crisis, one understands the real meaning of motherhood statements otherwise, they are hardly pondered. ‘Adversity brings opportunity’ is again in fashion after COVID. The world longed to connect with itself during these days and fortunately, technology in the form of webinar came to the aid of humans. In one go, people connected. Whether it was family reunion, function, celebration or business meetings/reviews everything was redefined.

Webinars are truly a disruption and now very soon they will become the new normal. Even if the world returns to the conventional way of holding meetings and seminar, webinars will stay for sure. Rather, they will enhance productivity and bring cost efficiency in the overall ecosystem. Video calls have become the norm for consumers and business alike during the pandemic. What was once a while affair, became a regular feature.

Schools, businesses, even rituals are now being done through webinars. You no longer feel at distance from others. Products like Zoom meetings, Cisco Webex, Microsoft teams or Google meet have seen huge subscriptions. All of these have freemium business models and should you require using upgrades, you can use them after paying for them.

Mint eventz is leveraging this technology to get consumers and business to connect so that the communication keeps flowing constantly. We are organizing various types of Webinars; HR, Sales & Marketing, Training & Excellence, Business conferences, family meetings and many others.

Mint Eventz also specializes in setting up start-ups and own ventures. We have a team of dedicated professionals who help entrepreneurs in seeing their ideas turned into fruition. Right from idea evaluation, we also help startups in getting stage 1 and 2 funding. We also provide consultancy on finances, exploring markets, setting up distribution and HR functions.