Why Choose Us

‘Mint’ is related to fragrance, sweetness and freshness. Ditto is the reason for our existence and our preference by the clients over others.

We are rated as one of the best event planners. The reason is we imagine& deliver what you desire. We offer the right service which is best in quality. We are known to deliver to the expectation & beyond. We provide ease in decision making & time saving. We add to your special day with freebies and surprises that deliver happiness.

For us, every event is important as it resonate the lifestyle of our client. Hence, we take every event on its merit. Be it a Wedding, Corporate Event or an Exhibition; our professional team has successfully managed the shows. The seamlessness of the sub-functions of a mega event is what differentiates us from others.

For instance, in any Indian wedding, there are various functions. We hand craft and weave every event of any wedding in such a manner that finale becomes a crescendo.

When it comes to corporate events, the professionalism of the team is at the zenith. We take care of the minutest detail as we know that in corporate world everything has to be just the way it has been designed. Nothing can be left to the chance.

Likewise, in exhibitions and mega shows our organizing expertise comes to the fore. Right from the concept to the designing, day to day functioning, managing guests and hospitality, we just do as prescribed

We at Mint Eventz Company believe that no event is big or small.We undertake events by their spirit and not the size. In the Private space, we organize Birthdays & Anniversaries, Bachelor & Hen Parties, Live Music Events/Concerts, Theme Parties, Sit-Down Dinner, Hi-Tea, Cheese & Wine concepts

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