Green Weddings

Introducing Green Weddings by Mint Eventz!

we are happy to introduce sustainable weddings! A Green wedding shall incorporate environmentally-friendly practices and ethical choices to minimize its impact on the planet.

Sustainable Wedding Management

1. Venue Selection

Mint Eventz identifies a venue that aligns with eco-friendly practices, such as a Green-certified building, a botanical garden, or an outdoor location that doesn't require additional lighting or heating.

2. Invitations

Mint Eventz will design digital invitations or use recycled paper for physical invitations. You can also consider using plantable invitations embedded with seeds that guests can plant after use.

3. decorations

For a sustainable theme we use locally sourced, seasonal flowers and plants for decorations instead of imported or exotic varieties. We can also incorporate natural elements like branches, leaves, and stones. We shall avoid single-use decorations and opt for reusable or rented items.

4. catering

Choosing a menu that prioritizes sustainable and locally sourced ingredients. Opting for vegetarian or vegan menu options to reduce the environmental impact of meat production. Minimize food waste by planning the quantities carefully and donating leftovers to local charities. Using dried leaves or Banana leaves as plates and earthen glasses (Kulads).

5. Return Gifts

We can help you give your guests eco-friendly wedding favours, such as potted plants, seeds, or reusable items like tote bags or recycled products.

6. Transportation & Logistics

Encourage carpooling or provide shuttle services to minimize carbon emissions.

7. Waste Management

Prioritise venues which have recycling and composting stations throughout the venue. We encourage biodegradable or compostable plates, cups, and cutlery instead of single-use plastic or glass items.

8. Wedding Attire

The client can consider renting or buying second-hand wedding attire to reduce the environmental impact of production. If purchasing new attire, choose sustainable and ethically made options. We have appopriate tie-ups with designers who specialise in recycled material based wedding clothes.

9. Energy Usage

At Mint Eventz we use energy-efficient lighting, such as LED bulbs, and minimize excessive lighting. Venues using renewable energy sources or offsetting the carbon emissions are preferred.

10. Wedding Gifts

Instead of traditional gifts, we suggest setting up a registry for experiences, charitable donations, or eco-friendly products.

At Mint Eventz, every small step towards sustainability counts, so don't feel overwhelmed. Choose the options that work best for you and your partner, and enjoy your special day while leaving a positive impact on the environment.

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